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About Us

Welcome to Brighten Avenue

ABOUT US: We are an inspired group that lives to cultivate a vibe. We love atmosphere and ambiance and hope to curate collections that activate your mood.

OUR MISSION: We believe that lighting and beautiful surroundings feed one’s soul. Combine this with smart technology and the sky is the limit on how you can influence your own space and those around you. Our mission is to bring awesome vibes to life and help others do the same.

  • “The secret to life is to put yourself in the right lighting” ~ Susan Cain
  • “For every dark night there’s a brighter day” ~Tupac Shakur

WHY BRIGHTEN AVE? Our company’s name stems from the idea that there is always a brighter day. We are here to brighten your life, so you can shine brighter. Oh and we love a good quote 😀😎🤓

Brighten Avenue Stats

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Lighting Goals
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"I absolutley love what I do here at Brighten Ave. I am excited about the future and growing our brand, stay on the look out, lots more to come as we enter 2021! ."
India H
Brighten Ave Team Member
"Phasellus ut felis odio. Fusce hendrerit, ex ac finibus pulvinar, tortor felis egestas turpis, id pellentesque ligula risus vel sem. Nullam ut nunc a magna varius varius."
Ophelia Conner

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